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Day 3


Not much to tell from today.

Sat and chatted to an Aussie couple over breakfast for a good hour. We exchanged travel adventures and I was slightly envious of their round the world trip about to begin.

I did not organise myself early enough with a tour of Bangkok, so just wandered around the city.

Walked a total of 11.75 kms.

Amazing sashimi for lunch and hot stone massage.

Quiet rest of the day before heading to the airport. The guy driving the transfer bus was super excited at having me for the ride back to the airport.

10 hour flight awaits...

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Day 2


rain 27 °C

There is something nice about 5 star travel...I will not deny it.

I think I got into bed (a very comfortable bed) at about midnight after a long and delayed flight from Melbourne.

Awake at 6:00 am, I lay in bed for a while, before springing into life to find coffee.

The plan for Bangkok was to sleep, eat, have massages and rest. I have achieved each of these goals today.

My hotel is next door to the MBK Shopping Centre in Bangkok and my day started there, following breakfast.

A hot stone massage was just what I needed. The poor lady was quite horrified at how tight my shoulders were and a number of hours later, I can still feel the after effects.

I wandered around the MBK Centre and then the Siam Paragon Centre. A pair of sneakers and a cap were my only purchases (another pair, I hear some of you say).

On my way to the Siam Paragon, I was walking along, minding my own business when four young teenagers stopped me, wanting to interview me for a school project. I am not sure what possessed me to say yes, but I did. A very bizarre and random interaction. They were happy! It reminded me of being stopped every 5 minutes in China.

I was also reminded of China as a number of people stared at my very white legs.

It is pouring with rain tonight, so I have opted for the buffet in the hotel for dinner (fabulous seafood) and I will not be long out of bed. This holiday business is exhausting!

Usually, when I travel with others, I constantly have food envy. You would think that it would not be so bad travelling alone. It is just the same. Today I have seen so many things that I would love to eat...best not to.

I have taken few photos today. The obligatory selfie has finally eventuated.

Oh, and in the spirit of km’s walked...9.89 kms today

Until tomorrow...

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