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Day 17


sunny 31 °C

We are staying at the Dead Sea, which is 400 metres below sea level.

It was 30 degrees when we left the hotel at 7:36 am. Again, I am loving the sun! It is going to be rough going home to winter.

Petra is a World Heritage Site and it was just amazing! Travelling always makes me feel incredibly privileged and blessed. Many people struggle to make ends meet and I have had the privilege of visiting sites that I have read about over the years.

Petra did not disappoint! It was phenomenal.

On our way to Petra we could see Mt Hor, which is where Aaron, brother of Moses is buried.

Petra has 5 different names:
- Petra - in Greek - means the Rock
- Sallah - in Aramaic - means Rock
- Wadi Musa - the valley of Moses
- Rose Red City
- The Lost City

Petra was inhabited by the Nabateans in the 3rd and 4th Century before Christ.

The Romans conquered Petra in the 2nd century after Christ.

Petra was carved into the rock by the Nabateans with metal tools.

During the Byzantine era some Christians lived at Petra.

Following this, it was inhabited by Muslims and was a pilgrim station.

After the 749 earthquake, Petra was abandoned.

From the 1500’s until 1983, it was inhabited by the Bedouins. The Bedouin’s did not allow strangers or visitors into Petra.

It was known as the Lost City until 1812. A Swiss explorer uncovered Petra in 1812. In 1932 the Department of Antiquities excavated the site.

In 1983 UNESCO declared Petra as a World Heritage Site. At this point, the Bedouins left.

Herod Antippa’s wife (Herod Antippa be-headed John the Baptist) was a Nabatean from Petra.

The theatre at Petra is carved into the rock.

When we got to the Treasury, which is the most well known structure, I was just amazed that I was actually standing there. Who would have thought...a similar experience to Machu Picchu.

All day, I have had the words of ‘We bow down’ running through my mind:

‘We bow down
And confess
You are Lord
In this place
You are all I need
It’s your face
I seek
In the presence of your light
We bow down.’

As I walked through the canyons on the way down to the city, I was aware of God’s creation and felt like bowing down in worship.

When we got to the Treasury, I decided to ride a camel for $5 US. It was like the paparazzi were in town. I don’t think I have been photographed that much since China last year. Our whole group were excited and took my photo.

I wore my thongs yesterday, which was probably not my smartest move. This morning I decided to put my new sandals on...definitely a smart move! Although, I got some sand and small stones caught between the sole of my left foot and the sandal and ended up with a massive (very painful) blister. This resulted in a horse ride back to the visitor centre. The cost of the horse ride is included in the entry fee to Petra, but the expectation is that you pay a tip of $5 US. I was grateful that the horse was there.

It is a 4 hour drive from our hotel to Petra and we are about 45 minutes into the journey back from Petra to the Dead Sea.

It has been really great to meet new friends who are all hassling me to visit Canada. Maybe next year.

It has been weird travelling without my blog writing side kick, but hopefully my effort has been comparable.

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